Storm the Capital

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"Rebels strive to capture the Karenni State capital and establish a new route to armed groups in northern Shan State"

In Loikaw, young fighters encircle the entrenched Myanmar army soldiers within the confines of the Catholic Cathedral, bearing the brunt of enemy fire and drone strikes along the frontline. Amidst this tumult, two Karenni scouts succumb to a sniper's bullet, prompting their fellow fighters to bravely risk gunfire to retrieve their fallen comrades' bodies. With fewer than 200 spare bullets and their weapons malfunctioning, their situation grows even more precarious.

The scene is equally dire in southern Shan State, where a female Karenni medic races against time to administer life-saving IV drips to critically wounded soldiers crammed into the back of Toyota Hilux trucks. These fighters bore the devastating impact of a 120 mm mortar strike that claimed the lives of two comrades. The rebels seek control of this strategic area, as it would establish a crucial northern supply route for the ammunition they need to expel the army from Loikaw and the rest of Karenni State.
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